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Candy Suite provides discount for First Nations Artists. We are also flexible on rates for longer bookings. Each service is made for independent artists wanting to create quality commercial recordings that they can truly be proud of. See rates below. 
Get in touch to discuss your vision. Recording projects can range from $250 - $25,000
Music Equipment


$1000 per track (Mixing & Mastering not incl.)

+ If and where applicable, writers splits %

While each artist will require a tailored approach, the process is typically broken into three stages.

Stage 1 - Complete composition and arrangement

In this stage, we go over your song with a fine-toothed comb, checking over the composition and completing a music bed. After this session, you'll have a track you can perform vocals on. At this point, you may wish to record vocals at home in your own time.


Stage 2 - Tweaks and finalising the demo

Next, we import your vocals and make any changes to the music that you'd like, and do a rough mix of the song. We can also record your vocals. This service includes up to 2 hours of vocal recording and editing.


Stage 3 - Finishing touches

After you've had a chance to listen to the demo and make notes, we can spend another session working on the mix, and getting the song ready to share.

The price of this service is $1000. Vocal recording, editing, or any extra revisions you may want in addition to the three stages are charged at a base rate of $50 p/h.

MIXING: Is an additional $650 per track

MASTERING: Is an additional $120 per track 

* Mixing and Mastering is an external service



Call for a custom quote

Candice will work in person or via zoom in the development and rehearsal stages of any film, theatre or production. This includes transport and bump-in of recording gear.

Ballpark figure $1000 per week (5 days a week, 9am - 5pm)

1 hour production (depending on how much sound design work there is) will take 2 - 3 weeks.

QLab Set-up $250 for each job

*If QLab operation is needed during rehearsals or during any show, this will be an additional cost and person. Enquire about details and costs of hiring a QLab expert. 



Call for a custom quote



$50 per hour 

+ If and where applicable, writers splits %

This service is to help you write your song before getting into the Music Production stages. It would normally take 1 - 4 hours to write a song. 

This service is also required for clients looking for jingles and music for advertising.

Recording at Candy Suite $60 per hour (Engineer incl.)

*Small projects only: no full bands, tracking only.

We can accommodate for large projects with bands, please call to discuss details.

Field Recording $60 per hour + call out fee $150 

*Includes portable equipment and sound editing for up-to 2 hours. 2 hours of sound editing is included, there will be a $50 per hour charge after.

Field recording is the term used for an audio recording produced outside a recording studio, and the term applies to recordings of both natural and human-produced sounds.

* Mixing and Mastering is an external service

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